Tia Ansell’s practice focuses on processing, combining, assembling and following materials by utilising ancient anthropological modes of making and merging them with contemporary systems. She organises her parts that are weaving, painting, tiling and metal work into an assemblage establishing connections that transform their singular mode of operation to form a compositional unit arrangement. Her mode of operation involves archaeological methods of formation, collection and preservation of architectural structures and patterns by duplicating pre-existing assemblages positioned in the public realm. She captures the proliferation of symbolic materials, architecture and iconography, and then forms these moments into objects that anchors these facets of contemporary life into ancient and codified traditions. Her objects explicitly depend on its site of origin and its bounds to material consumer culture which create a reflection or a blue print of their local.

Tia Ansell is a New Zealand born and Melbourne based artist who works predominantly in weaving, tiling, painting and metal work. Tia has a BFA of Fine Art with Honours at the Victorian College of the Arts (2018) and has exhibited locally and internationally. She has had a solo exhibition ‘Evening side’ at Caves Gallery, Melbourne in 2017 and her group exhibitions include Lon Gallery, Melbourne (2018); Bus Projects, Melbourne (2018); VCA Graduate Exhibition, Melbourne (2017 and 2018); Hugo Mitchell Gallery, Adelaide (2017); Margaret Lawrence Gallery, Melbourne (2017) and Kingston Arts Centre, Melbourne (2017). Tia exhibited with Caves Gallery at the Spring 1883 Art Fair in 2018. She has been the recipient of art awards and scholarships including Majlis Travelling Scholarship (2017), National Gallery of Victoria Woman’s Association Award (2017), John Vickery Scholarship (2017), Valerie Albiston Scholarship (2017) and the National Gallery of Victoria Prize (2014).



Wellington, New Zealand 1995, lives and works in Melbourne, Australia


2018 BFA (Honours) Victorian College of the Arts

2015- 2017 BFA (Painting) Victorian College of the Arts, Melbourne painting

2014 BFA Massey University, Wellington, Uncompleted- transferred to VCA

Solo Exhibitions

(August) 2019 Bus Projects, Melbourne

(April) 2019 Fate Fabrics, Suite Gallery, Wellington, New Zealand

(March) 2019 Techne, Station Gallery, Melbourne

2017 Evening Side, Caves Gallery, Melbourne

Group Exhibitions

(March) Melbourne comes to Sydney, Home @ 735, Sydney

2018 Victorian College of the Arts Graduate Show, Melbourne

2018 Smoke Screens, Lon Gallery, Melbourne

2018 Leave the key under the mat, Bus Projects, Melbourne

2017 Caves Gallery Fundraiser, Melbourne

2017 Victorian College of the Arts Graduate Show, Melbourne

2017 Majlis Travelling Scholarship Exhibition, Margaret Lawrence Gallery, Southbank Melbourne

2017 South, North to Indented Head curated by Richard Lewer, Hugo Michell Gallery, Adelaide

2017 Kids R Us curated by Elizabeth Presa, Second Space gallery, Fitzroy, Melbourne

2017 Contents, Kingston Art Centre, Melbourne

2015 Ladies of Leisure x P4p, Seventh Gallery, Fitzroy, Melbourne

Art Fairs

2018 Spring 1883 Exhibiting with Caves Gallery, Windsor Hotel, Melbourne

Awards/ Scholarships/ Residencies

Kyneton McFarlane Fund 2019

National Gallery of Victoria Womans Association Award 2017

Majlis Travelling Scholarship, Melbourne- prize-winner 2017

John Vickery Scholarship, Melbourne 2017

Valerie Albiston Scholarship, Melbourne 2015- 2017

National Gallery of Victoria Prize, Melbourne 2014


Private Collections in New Zealand and Australia

Melbourne University George Paton Gallery Collection

John Valmorbida Collection